How Clean Is Your Air?

How Clean Is Your Air?

Find out by scheduling air quality testing services in Fishers or Carmel, IN

If you spot a black, slimy growth on your sink or walls, you know it's better not to touch it without proper protective gear. But since you can't see airborne particles with the naked eye, how do you know that your air isn't also contaminated by mold? The only way to be absolutely sure you're breathing clean, safe air is to arrange for air quality testing services.

In addition to direct mold sample testing for the surfaces in your home, EcoBak Restoration offers air quality testing services in Fishers, Carmel, IN and the surrounding area. Reach out today to arrange for a visit from our air testing team.

Living in an older home? Rely on us for asbestos testing services.

Mold isn't the only material that could contaminate your air. We can also test for the presence of lead and asbestos. If you live in an older house that may be contaminated by these materials, contact us right away.

Breathe easier in your home knowing that your indoor air is clean and safe. To schedule air quality or asbestos testing services in the Fishers or Carmel, IN area, call 317-688-1520.